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Name:Slipping Away Tech
Website:Slipping Away
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This is a community in which the players of [community profile] slipping_away discuss plot, characters, and other issues relevant to the game. We strongly encourage discussion about plot, characterization, and other aspects of the game.

Upon joining, players should post character sheets for each of their characters, as a reference for the whole community. This way we can know who all of our characters are, and have access to their vital statistics and character biographies. All character sheets will be stored by the community as memories for easy reference. Feel free to edit your character sheets any time, to keep the information as current, accurate, and complete as possible.

The title of the entry should be "Character Sheet: [Character's Name]", and don't forget to add the tag "character sheets" to the entry. Please post only one character sheet per entry.

Character sheets should follow this outline:
Name: The character's full name, including any nicknames.
Journal: The character's Dreamwidth username.
Age/Birthday: See this entry for guidelines.
Primary Role: If the character is a student, provide year and house. If not, provide the character's occupation.

Biography: At least a couple of paragraphs about the character's life and family interaction.
Sexuality and Relationships:
Alignment and Blood-status: Indicate the character's position on Voldemort and/or Dumbledore and/or the Ministry of Magic. Also indicate whether the character is pureblood, Muggle-born, or somewhere in between, and if that's important to them.
Physical Appearance:
Distinguishing Characteristics: Point out any other character traits or habits that might help us know your character.
Other Notes: Let us know anything else you think we should be aware of regarding your character. Consider putting friendships and the like here.

You may also add a portrait of your character, if you like. Nothing bigger than 500 pixels, please.

If there's any further information you want provide about the character, add it as a comment to the character sheet, unless it's small enough to stick in the 'other note' section.
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